How is brick, concrete and hardcore recycled?

How is brick, concrete and hardcore recycled?

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Waste that is generated during construction projects can be separated into recyclable materials. Here at CSM Leicester we recycle brick, concrete and hardcore into high quality aggregates at our own aggregate recycling facility in Leicester. If you have your own feed stock of material that you want to recycle on your site we also offer a range of mobile plant to carry out onsite crushing and screening to produce the desired end product for you.

By using differing techniques and various equipment, a range of crushed and screened products can be produced. Recycling brick, concrete and hardcore is a very cost effective way of producing a high quality of aggregate.



Why recycle hardcore?

The UK construction industry uses millions of tonnes of aggregates every year and over 25% of this has been recycled from waste. By crushing recovered brick, concrete and hardcore it enables a sustainable use of these waste materials which contributes to reducing landfill and the carbon footprint of waste and recycling operations.

As well as improving environmental impact, recycling construction waste such as hardcore produces valuable aggregates. From less than £1 per tonne on average, brick, concrete and hardcore waste can be crushed into reusable aggregates.

Various sized aggregates can be achieved by adjusting the crusher to suit your requirements. When crushers are used in conjunction with screeners, several sized products can be achieved in just one pass.

Can I recycle onsite?

Yes. Whether you have a smaller site, or a quarry scale setup, CSM Leicester offer onsite crusher hire. This includes a fully trained and licensed operator (quarry passport qualified) who can also feed the machine if required. Dust suppression is fitted to all our crushers for difficult sites.

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