How to choose the right crusher

How to choose the right crusher

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When you’re choosing a crusher for your job, it’s important to consider the application as well as the desired output. At CSM Leicester we can advise and recommend the best equipment for the job you are completing. We also supply fully trained licensed operators to be on-site with you to ensure you get maximum efficiency from the crusher.

To choose the right crusher for your needs, consider the following:

1. What material will be processed?Yard

Crushers can process very hard, tough materials such as concrete, granite and rock as well as bricks and softer materials. Depending on the feed stock of material depends on what crusher is most suitable for your application.

2. What is your desired output?

To ensure the success of your job you need to consider what through put you need to achieve each day. Reaching optimum output capacity is best achieved with the support of a trained and licensed operator. All crusher hires from CSM Leicester include a licensed operator who is quarry passport qualified.

Crushers have adjustable crushing capabilities which means that you can achieve different sized products. If set up with a screener you can achieve various sized products from just one pass.

3. Positioning on siteScreener Hire

You may need to move the crusher to different locations on-site if you have various feed stocks. All of our crusher are track mounted which enables you to position the crusher next to your feed stock rather than moving the material to the crusher, even if it means going over rough ground.

Hiring your crusher

Whatever your requirements, here at CSM Leicester we are sure to have the right crusher for you. Simply drop us your details below and we’ll give you a call to discuss your requirements.